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Can you trade for strange coins in destiny

Find out how to use Strange Coins, Motes of Light and Marks to your advantage.The Strange Coin is one of the currencies used in Destiny to get weapons and upgrades.

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I have about 100 motes of light and Xur is coming tomorrow so I would like to know if I could turn them into strange coins.

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Weekly Heroics yield Strange Coins,. gear, the most powerful loot in Destiny to the point that you can only have one. that you trade to Tower vendors that.

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You will need Strange Coins in. you can buy now in Destiny.If you have been storing up your Legendary Shards then you need to locate Xur each week and trade them.

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Destiny 2 Silver is an in-game currency you can use to buy in-game items that customize your character.In the original Destiny you had to save up Strange Coins in.

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This guide for Destiny: The Taken King will teach you the. or acquire in packages each time you rank up.You can also get Motes of Light for completing Strikes, Quests,. you can also purchase them from Xur in exchange for 2 Strange Coins.

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Destiny Guide: Xur Location And Items For. 13 Strange Coins (Hunter. and if you want you can pick up some Heavy Ammo Synths and Three of Coins.

Possibly you mean Xur who trades gear for Strange Coins. Destiny Walkthough is an unofficial resource with.

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Strange Coins can be randomly awarded for completing Public Events with.

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This guide will tell you where you can turn the coins in for the best loot.